Those Poor Bastards & Reverend Elvis im UT Connewitz!

 What more do you want? GLORY AMEN! The Lord is REAL!

APRIL 26 2017 Those Poor Bastards & Reverend Elvis • UT Connewitz

Vorverkauf startet: Tickets: 10,00€ + VVK-Gebühr • Erhältlich bei Culton Ticket in der Leipziger Innenstadt und online via TixforGigs Shop.

Underground Classics – Daddy’s Monster came alive


12 Psychobilly Treasures ! with the Tazmanian Devils, Holy Hack Jacks, Retarded Rats, Howling Wolfmen, Grapes of Wrath and Rev. Elvis and the Undead Syncopators!


1The Tazmanian Devils – Evil Bop

2The Retarded Rats – Rats Fever

3Rev.Elvis & the Undead Syncopators– They know what you do

4The Holy Hack Jacks – Mexico

5The Howling Wolfmen – Hellstomp

6The Grapes of Wrath – Dig that Rhythm


1The Holy Hack Jacks – Die By Iron Maiden

2The Howling Wolfmen – Skeleton Dance

3The Grapes of Wrath- Down the Road

4Rev.Elvis & the Undead Syncopators – Kill!Kill!Kill!

5The Tazmanian Devils – Daddy’s Monster

6The Retarded Rats – Wreck to Wipe Out