November Fun! 2017

Reverend Elvis “The Undead preacher” and the Undead Syncopators released 5 LPs on Suzy Q Records – sarted 2004 with “the Legend of the Undead” – We are proud to bring you all this classic Reverend traks like “Mood for hate” “Dakness on my Mind” or “Kill! Kill! Kill!” limited to 500 BLACK Vinyls! Watch out ! And for sure it will be released in November……

Das Ende der Outlaw Musik?

Selbstverkauf und Anpassung bestimmen den Underground.. Sell you Soul! I never will! And:

You can fool a lot of the people but you don’t fool me
You think that you’re a big deal your just a wanna be
You Ain’t doing nothing that we Ain’t already done

Its not the real thing that your pushing sooner or later your gonna get caught
It takes more to get their blood rushing then all the fashion you ever bought
They’ll see through you they ain’t so dumb

You ain’t right fucker you ain’t right
You ain’t right and you’ll never be

Your gonna start a revolution (yea) in your wet dreams
You’re at the wrong end of its evolution you’ll never get what it means
Psycho’s what your not what it takes you ain’t got

You wont like it when you hear this well what you gonna do
Any one who really knows it is gonna know its true
Enjoy it while you can its gonna end in tears

You don’t push it forward you just hold it back
Your not one of the good ones your on a metal track